Personal Injuries: Broken Ribs, Laceration, Chest Tube

by Sharon C
(Fellsmere ,FL)

I am recovering from a pnenmothorax and 5 broken ribs restrained passenger and the insurance co is dragging their feet. Out of work for approx two months. I also suffered many lacerations, chest tube, bruises ect.

The driver of the car was at fault and is friend so I doubt I will sue cap is 25,000 BI and the PIP is 10,000 which was gone first week of hospital stay. I have ins medical but they sent letter stating any BI has to be used to pay outstanding hospital bill,I pay them 200.00 a month in premium what a joke, not to mention lost wages for 2 months I hope to return then.

I would have been better off with unisured driver as my policy is 100,000 BI and 300,000 per accident. Am I SOL since I cant get blood out of a turnip as they say my friend is very sorry but that does not pay bills. Does the BI cap of 25,000 stop there or can you at least have bills and lost wages satisfied?

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