Permanent Soft Tissue Personal Injury from Whiplash

by Laura
(East Tennessee)

I suffered my personal injury 2 years ago. I was in a car accident in which the other driver ran an intersection. She had a stop sign, I didn't, and she had a clear view of oncoming traffic. Because I reacted in a way to try and avoid the collision and protect my passenger, I was in a twisting motion, turning the steering wheel and hitting the brakes when I collided with the side of the defendants car.

I now suffer from permanent injury to the muscles and tendons of my neck and upper back. If I sweep and mop my floors, I have severe pain and headache the following morning (sometimes I even wake up at night and have to take a pain pill).

Anything I do with my upper body triggers a higher level of pain and it has restricted what I can do. I no longer get my horses out and work with them. Feeding has become a painful experience because of carrying hay and grain, etc. I have had to start paying for help around the farm because there are things I can't do myself anymore.

I am tired of hearing that I "Just had whiplash and it is not a permanent injury". Had I broken a bone, at least it would have healed and gotten better. The scarring in the muscles and tendons of my neck and back will never go away.

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