Our adjustor orders us to provide interieiw with opposition

by JDF
(Elyria, Ohio)

Our claims adjustor just ordered my boyfriend to give a phone interview to the opposition. She in fact gave the opposing insurance company his phone number at his work place. This is a small MVA with no injuries and about 2,000 in property damage.

Although we strongly that the other driver side wiped our car when he went left of center the police did not charge either party. There were no witnesses. The other driver has a long criminal record including assaults and domestic violence as well driving issues. He was very aggressive and tried to claim that my boyfriend was drunk,but the police gave my boyfriend BAC test at my boyfriend's request which showed 0% alcohol which we knew. My boyfriend was working at the time.

Is there any legal basis by which our adjustor can order my boyfriend to provide an interview to the opposing insurance company?

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