Nissan Altima Car Accident

by Israel Medina Diaz
(San Luis Obispo)

Nissan Altima Accident

Nissan Altima Accident

Nissan Altima Accident

I was in a horrible accident in Salinas CA, going south on freeway 101 on December 12/06/13. It was a hit and run. It all happen so fast. It was a construction zone, original speed was 65 but because the sign at the moment indicate 55 I, I slowed down to 55 and i was on the right lane.

Traffic was heavy and my question to myself is how the unsafe driver did not see me and hit me so hard. He must of been coming in at 75 at least and hit me on the back left side launching my car forward.

While my car was sliding my air bag deployed and hit me and dazed me, that cause me to make my steering wheel turn right while still moving forward and once I was on my side my car had no choice but to roll for at least 4 times till I finally came to a complete stop landing upside down right next to the right lane on the freeway.

I regained myself and checked my seatbelt to see if it was stuck and as soon as it came off I crawled out of my car and looked back and I couldn't believe what happen and the unknown vehicle was long gone when I got out of my car I was unable to identify the unknown driver because I was rolling and rolling at the time.

I wish I could of seen the other driver. unfortunately I didn't. A few people stopped to check if I was alright and had me seat down till paramedics and firefighters got there to attend me. I was cold scared, numb at some point from my waist down but after a few seconds I was able to feel and move my legs again.

I was scared i was paralyze but thank god i was alright. I still to this day have nightmares and sometimes trouble sleeping and every time I see and accident I know exactly what that person is feeling and going through.

This accident has thrown my life in a loop and I can't seem to get out of it. I gained a little weight, I stopped working out, I stay in my room a lot and I try everyday to get up and be happy which for the most part I am but it was my first accident and I don't know how long it will be till i am completely comfortable again.

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