My thumb was ripped off and torn tendons n right hand

by Rhonda
(Covington la)

my friend and i was n a accident and the car flipped over. My head hit windshield and. My arm was stuck out the window. I tried getting it back in but it was jammed .when the car finally stoped sliding i clime out a d.

My friend saw blood flowing out my hand .she found her wk vest she made a turnkit and tied arou d. My arm to stop me from bleeding to death rite there on the interstate.seemed like a hour r so until ambulance got there then was rushed to trauma it n

New Orlean's thats where i stayed for 2weeks 2days .i had 10 surgeries ,staples n my head a fractured bone that foes to ur.big toe.ive been n so much pain i dont know how im still alive .4 pints of blood also I'm back home now but i returned back to pain and swelling.

I am right handed and. Now i feel like my entire life is well u know!i cant do crap by n sooo much pain !my thumb was ripped the hell off .i have no skin on the inside of my tendons r torn apart but my surgeons r pretty good i pray .i go for more plastic surgery n 10 days.i haven't heard nothing from there insurance .oh i also have short term memory loss, sever!

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