My Personal Injury Claim Settlement Denied Because the Insurance Company Doesn't Like me

by bobbie grissom
(elizabethtown ky)

The insurance company denied my personal injury settlement claim because 23 years ago I had to testify against this same insurance company. I hired an attorney and wrote a letter of demand to cover my medical expenses and lost wages. The response was the insurance companies personally didn't like me.

My insurance claim was denied because they said it was low impact even though they told my attorney it was personal.

A lady struck me as I was coming out a bank parking lot. She pulled out into traffic on main road, put her car in reverse, and floored it while not looking. She was in a van and I was in a SUV.

I had $600 in car damages. Her damages were more. I felt so sore that night and the next morning I could hardly move. I went to a chiropractor and thought that’s all I needed. As time went on I started loosing all feeling in my arm. I still thought it would go away.

I picked up headaches and couldn’t sleep. So I got neuro cortisone shots. Then finally an MRI showed I had 2 herniated disc then facet joint injections steroids. Since I had no benefits I had cervical decompression therapy with much better results. My bills got to $64000 and I was off work with no income.

I really don’t want to hurt the responsible party because she has a sorry insurance company. But after 1 and a half years, I had no choice

It’s not fair to her or me at this point. We’re headed to trial and this poor lady doesn't know I did not want this to happen to her or me. I hope through the trial she understands I feel just as bad for her…..Thanks for listening.

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Mar 04, 2012
by: Rick

So how did the trial end?
How much did you win?

Dec 13, 2010
Good luck
by: John

That's really ridiculous that after all this time a big insurance company would be so petty to hold a grudge against you.

It's unfortunate that insurance companies care more about saving money on a settlement than helping their drivers.

They should be protecting us but instead only care about not paying for a settlement

I hope your case goes well. Keep us posted!

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