My neice suffered a head injury in a car accident some 6 months ago in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver

by Alta Haggarty

My niece suffered a head injury and concussion some six months ago in a car accident and is continuing to have serious symptoms and pain. She is Canadian living in White Rock BC and her boyfriend who was driving is American living in Bellingham Washington.

He was driving his friend's car when they got in the accident and was driving drunk. The police arrested him and put my niece in a hotel for the night (paid by the boyfriend's mother I think).

My niece is 29 years old, was a student at the time with good marks before the injury but barely passed her courses. She has not resumed school, suffers violent headaches, confusion and memory problems. She is terrified she won’t improve, is depressed and is expressing suicidal thoughts.

She is neither going to school or working and is financially dependent on her mother, who is on a disability pension.
But, she is afraid to get her boyfriend in trouble so has taken no action to seek compensation for her injury. And I am not sure whose insurance would cover it?

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