My back twisted in a car accident, should I use a car accident lawyer?

by Miguel Miron
(Dallas, TX.)

The other car didn't stop at a red light and hit my car. I twisted my lower back. ambulance came but i was not taken to hospital. I had to visit twice a doctor and was under pain tablets for two weeks. I have a police's report saying other driver was responsible for the accident. the other driver did not have drivers license but had auto insurance and his name is indeed in the insurance policy as designed driver too. I missed two days at work, I only paid deductibles for my doctors visit ($50), but total bills were around $600. total damages for my car were around $10,000. The insurance company offered me $1000 as compensation which I think it is very low considering I stopped all my physical activities for two weeks.

The accident happened in Texas. how much do you consider it is a fair amount for compensation? should I hire a lawyer in order to get more than the $1000 insurance company is offering me? thank you, I would appreciate your advice

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