low impact 20-30 mph personally dont like me

by bobbie grissom
(elizabethtown ky)

i was struck by a lady i was coming out of a bank which had a small drive then you would turn left and go app.25 feet to main road she pulled out into traffic on main road put her car in reverse and floored it not looking i was hit small damage i was in a suv my head was turned side ways i was attempting to put my vehicle in reverse so she wouldnt hit me at the time i was putting my seat belt on and holding a glass of tea when i saw her i let the seat belt go and let the tea fall in my lap and try yo get out of the way she was in a van i was in a suv i had 600 dollars in damage hers was more i felt so sore that night next morning couldnt hardly move i went to a chiropractor thought thats all i needed as time went on i started loosing all feeling in my arm i still thought it would go away then it got to dropping every thing i picked up headaches no sleep so i went to a nuro cortizone shots then finally mri showed 2 herniated disc then facet joint injections steroids no benefit so i had cervical decompression with much better results bills got to $64,000 i was off work with no income.

I did not want to sue this lady by no means so 1 and a half years later i had no choice i hired a attorney not wanting a get rich quick just get medical and loss wages a letter of demand was sent the response was they personally didnt like me because 23 years ago i had to testify against this same insurance co they denied my claim said it was low impact even though they told my att it was personal they denied it they said because of low impact i really dont want to hurt the responsible party because she has a sorry insurance co its not fair to her or me at this point were headed to trial and this poor lady doesnt know i did not want this to happen to her or me i hope through trial she understands i feel just as bad for her. Thanks for listening

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