Knee , neck, back pain and constant headaches

by Mrs.Bell

I was involved in a car accident almost two months ago, where a lady ran a stop sign into my path, where I ended up "T-Boning" her vehicle. My two daughters ages 5 and almost 2 were in the car with me but did not sub stain major injuries.The insurance has accepted liability, the lady received a ticked for failing to remain stopped at a stop sign. Myself on the other hand,is a different story, I have constant knee pain were it pops and locks always, headaches everyday, and my back feels like it is going to sleep.

Had MRI's done, they show torn tendon in my knee and some other issues in neck and back to were I have been referred to a neurologist. Everyday I suffer. I have missed almost two months of work with NO reimbursement and things are tight and hard trying to maintain my family's life. How long should it take before I get reimbursed for missing time at work?

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