Investigation into my current lawyer

by Mike
(Sacramento CA)

My wife and I were in a bad wreck and we hired an inexperienced lawyer who is not giving us any where near what she said we would get. We settled for 33k and 42k w the insurance company which I didn't agree with but our lawyer said that she would throw in 5k to us just so she didn't have to go to court.

She said that we could expect to see a certain % of the settlement amount when it was all said and done. Based on the numbers of 35.5k and 44.5k she said that I would get about half of mine (17k) and that my wife would get around 20k. Now after talking to them they are saying I'm only getting 8k and her around 10k.

They are taking a ridiculous 45% even tho we never went to trial. What can we do? They have delayed paying is now for over a year since litigation and the agreed settlement amount claiming delays in the process and I think they are just collecting interest. Being inexperienced and after talking to others I've been told something isn't right. Just want to know what we can do. Thanks

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