Incompetency Car Accident Scene and Police Report

by Tam

After I was T-boned at an intersection by a driver that blatantly blew through a red light without even slowing; I sat in shock in my vehicle as the scene of the accident unfolded around me. Fortunately there were credible witnesses because the responding officer never talked to me, never asked me how I was doing, or even attempted to take my statement or take photos.

He didn't even cite the driver that had run the red light. In the ensuing weeks while I was attempting to treat my injuries, my claim was initially held up because the police report was full of glaring errors such as the type of accident that occurred, to even the street that I had been on. He didn't even have my vehicle traveling in the right direction!

Nothing was correct in the police report and caused a great deal of confusion and stress. At that point I should have hired a personal injury attorney because I did not have the expertise or the energy to know how to correct the complete and utter incompetency of the so called professionals handling my accident at the scene.

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