If I'm collecting the max from my insurance company and the max from the drivers insurance company. Can I collect more?

by Carmine Maddon
(Mountain. Top pa)

I had limited tort and I was a Passenger in a car accident. I had to be life flighted and had some terrible injuries. I had spoke with my mothers insurance company (she was driving) and they are going to give me the max for an accident. I also collected the max from my insurance company for an underinsured claim.

My question is if my medical bills out weigh the amount in given by insurance companies can I collect more??? Also can I cash my insurance check (there was no form to sign before they sent it to me). I know my mothers insurance company warned me not to sign their form (before they send me my check.

I guess waving all my rights to sue after I cash the check). He told me not to sign it until I'm certain my bills do not out weigh the check because once I cash the check the medical personnel can come after me for all the money even if I wasn't given enough money. Please help in any way you can

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