I was in a car accident while driving a company car . I need to know if I should hire attorney or go it alone?

Clearly his fault and it even says it on the police report. I was t-boned by a truck exiting a parking lot at a high rate of speed while driving a company car. The car spun around, all the passenger side air bags deployed.

I was wearing a seat belt but I still hit my head on the window and rear view mirror and I've been messed up ever since. It took almost a year to get MRI's that proved there was a problem with my lower back and neck. This has been a very difficult situation and now the workers compensation insurance company is giving me a hard time with my continued treatment.

I have recently obtained a workers compensation lawyer to help me with getting the treatment I need but I still need to know if I should hire an accident attorney to handle the personal injury case with the uninsured motorist claim?

My accident is coming up on two years this June and I've been TTD since December 2013. I was hit by an uninsured motorists ( not a citizen of the U. S. A. ) and as a result I've sustained back and neck injury's that continue to plague me . I was covered under my company's insurance policy because I was working and on this policy they have a UM coverage with a 60k cap.

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