i was in a car accident and have permanent wt restrictions, can i file for unemployment or disablity?

i was tboned at a stoplight intersection by a girl that tried turning left in front of a stopped semi and didnt see me on the other side of the semi so she ended up hitting me. she was ticketed.

i did go to the doctor and was treated for whiplash and ended up going to the chiropractor and then 5 months after my accident my back started giving me issues. my accident was in may and in october i started seeing a neurologist for my back cuz by dec i couldnt stand for more than 10 minutes without having horrible pain so the last day that i actually worked was dec 15, 2017. i then had a lumbar spinal fusion of my L4 and 5 on jan 18, 2018 cuz steroid injections didnt help me. i know have a 30lb permanent wt restriction so i sadly can not return to my previous job due to the fact that i have to be able to lift at least 50lbs and i cant. in so stressed

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