I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light

by Amy
(San antonio Tx )

Was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind. September 2013
Facts: I was stopped at red light , other driver was on phone and was stated in police report( driver was driving a company vehicle)

Myself 36 years old female and 12 year old female were both transported to hospital via ambulance. I still have severe neck and shoulder pain and have been told I need a 3 level fusion replacement in cervical spine. However had CT done in 2012 and showed I had disk displacement prior to the accident however I had no pain. CT was done in 2012 to rule out a prior injury and symptoms to the feet. I had a work injury in 2012 which caused numbing to feet and physicians wanted to rule of numbing being an issue coming from the neck or spine.

I had no pain in my neck prior to accident. 12 year old female had severe back pain and still complains occasionally when weather is cold to pain.
I was told since I was on workmans comp when accident occurred however have since returned to work, I would not get very much money. However I was out due to a work injury and then the accident occurred.

Also I was told since I had a CT done prior to the accident and shows disk bulges I would also not get money. Since the accident my life has not been the same I have done physical therapy, pain management and seen two spinal doctors.

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