I suffered shoulder, neck and back pain from a auto accident.

by James Mahoney
(New Albany, Indiana)

I have multiple contusions to the head, broken nose, concussion and traumatic brain injury. I was driving along 265 at a normal speed when a person in front of me changed lanes and a box was in the middle of the road and planks of what looked to be wood right in front of me. I hit the brakes and the car lost control and rammed head on into the side concrete wall of the highway.

I have proof that I had the brakes done completely less then 60 days before this auto accident. I had bought the car from a car lot less then 4 months ago and they gave me a loan from a bank.

I have suffered face and shoulder injuries due to this wreck and the car is totaled because of this giant box in the middle of the road on the highways of Indiana.

I have a very swollen face and it hurts tremendously to lift my left arm. I have seen 2 doctors about pain in my face and arm.

I don't know who is at fault, I filled a police report when it happened. I have pictures of the box and the stuff in the middle of the road and multiple pictures of my face.

Please help me. I am out of work due to this accident and I do not know if I should go back to work and hurt myself further. But I have to because I need to pay my bills...

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