I suffered neck injuries while getting hit by a car while riding my bicycle. What is my claim worth?

by daniel schultz
(lahaina, HI)

i was riding my bicycle down a hill going about 30 miles per hour. A car coming up the hill at about the same speed turned in to me. i flew over the hood, put my knee through the window, and flipped over the car, landing on my feet behind the car. While flipping through the air i hit my chin on the hood of the car. My knee did not have any torn ligaments but was severely cut resulting in many stitches that have since scarred. i exhausted the insurance amount on physical therapy for my neck and back as pain has been persistent and regular.

i have been tracking my pain for the last few years and i have moderate pain every three months. This pain can sometimes dissipate in a few days, or it can get more severe and last up to three months at its worst. The accident was almost four years ago and the statute of limitations is soon approaching. I believe this pain (i feel it in my neck and back now, pretty intensely) is something i am going to endure for many years to come if not my entire life, albeit sporadically. What is a fair compensations for my pain and suffering?

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