I suffered from a back injury in a car accident. What is my settlement worth?

by Kaylee
(Griffin, ga)

My boyfriend and I were leaving Walmart from Christmas shopping. We were leaving the parking lot at a four way stop. It was our turn to go, we proceeded and the next the I know a truck smashes into the front passenger door where I was sitting. We went to the hospital about thirty minutes later after we had gotten home because I began to complain about my back hurting.

The doctor told me that I had torn muscles and ligaments in my back and prescribed me with three different types of strong medicine. I am going to see a spine specialist on Monday to get myself checked out. I now have anxiety every time I get into the car to go somewhere. I'm depressed because I am stuck at home all day as well as missing work. I have never experienced back pain or anything like this in my life. Right now, were waiting on the other driver's insurance company to call us with another offer.

Their first offer was $750 for each me and my boyfriend but he denied. I was wondering what my claim is worth so far and need some advice for when they decide to call and negotiate. Thank you.

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