I suffered back injury in a car accident. What is my claim worth?

by Greg Johnson
(Kirkland Washington)

On Oct.3,2013 I was coming home from work. I was stopped at a traffic light waiting for the light to change. When the light changed, I was ready to go when I felt a huge crash.

The car behind me was struck by another car which in turn hit me. In the process of exchanging information, the driver of the car that caused the initial admitted to me that her brakes had failed and that it was the second
time in two weeks that it had happened. I had almost immediate pain in my neck and shoulder area. This pain continued on and off for six months. I saw an urgent care doctor and had an x-ray taken..

It determined that I didn't have any broken bones but just had soft tissue damage.
The adjuster of the other insurance company has been in contact several times to settle, but I wanted to make sure that I do not any more discomfort.
I was treated by an acupuncturist for six weeks following the accident.
I do not know how to handle this situation so that I do not lose justified

Can you help me. I really need advice.

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