i suffered back injury in a car accident involving the fbi. what to do?

by tiffany
(texarkana tx usa)

I was trying to get back to my car and got a ride with someone i didn’t know and during that time period the FBI Aand stuff did an operation thing on the driver and the driver decided to run so i was involved in a high speed police chase which traumatized me so bad to this day thankfully when we did end up wrecking my guardian guardian angel was definitely watching over me because i walked away well after being taken to the hospital and being questioned. they let me go from the hospital without giving me my shoes and taking my already prescribed anxiety pills from me. they set the driver up by having an undercover buy/sell him firearms and reassembled grenades called “dead mans grenade” that hollow up the instant the thing is pulled. anyways they knew he was armed and supposedly dangerous (unlike me).

I feel as though they should have postponed the sting due to a random innocent bystander. this was almost 2 years ago. i’m forming a hunchback due to my upper back always being tense due to the wreck. i went to a chiropractor and for awhile i was going 4/5 days a week and basically she said my back is severe and will more than likely require surgery if not then pain will only get worse and deformity and etc. well i couldn’t afford to continue treatment so i quit going and my progress was wasted. now i’m DEVELOPING A FREAKING HUNCHBACK and my back hurts always its numb from always hurting i would think it was weird if my back didn’t hurt i’m only 23 and not to mention i’ve been TRAUMATIZED for life by that.

So the insurance company is offering $29k but the hospital put a lien on me for around 24k i believe i just wanna make sure if i sign these release forms i’m going to get at least enough to start back to going to a doctor and treatment

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