I suffered a right fractured hand and soft tissue bruising in car accident.What is my claim worth

I was hit by a car that ran a red light on the drivers side. I was taken to north Cypress Medical Center by ambulance. I was released from emergency a few hours later with right & left hand contusion, neck sprain, thoracic sprain, and ankle sprain. a few days later I went to the Hand & Wrist Center Of Houston because my right hand was not getting better and was found to have a fracture in one bone.

I was treated and right hand was put into cast for two weeks and then it was removed and a removable splint was put on and I will need to ware it for three more weeks.

My other injuries have gotten better but my right hand injury is still hurting. I am right handed so this makes it hard to do most activities. I am 59 years old and this has effected my job duties which requires lifting because I am in a material control division for a large company. I have been into sports such as tennis ect... and playing guitar which I use my right hand to preform this activity. Not sure how this will effect all of this in the future. The accident happened on 12-14-15 and the police report states that the other driver was at 100 percent at fault because it was determined that he ran the red light. My insurance company is Farmers & the other driver his Ins is also Farmers.

My Farmers agent is working with me to get all cost rein burst from the other drivers Ins Co. which is also Farmers and so far they have paid for my car which was a total lost and some medical bills which are starting to come in. My Ins agent advised me to leave the medical cost open in case there are more problems that might arise in the future and if so it would be covered as long as I do not let them close out the medical side of settlement. I am sure they will cover all medical cost but I am not sure how to fight for pain and suffering cost and how much to ask for.

One week after this happened I was scheduled to have a cardiac catheterization procedure to find out if I had any blockage and two blockages were found and two stents were placed in heart arteries. This accident made if difficult for me to determine if pains were coming from the heart stent procedure or from soft tissue injuries caused by car accident. Other wised cause a lot of extra unnecessary stress. So my question would be how much should I ask for. Quick list of problems that this accident has caused me.

1.A lot of extra stress because of heart procedures being done at time of accident

2.Possible problems with right hand which effects everything I do from work to sports and entertainment.

3.This ruined my Christmas and New Years Holidays because I was in pain.

4.I canceled my vacation that I was planning on taking During the Holidays.

5.I had to use one week of my vacation time from work for part of recovery process.

6.I lost a lot of sleep from pain and having to ware a cast on right hand.

7.Extra stress of having to go to another dealership to find and buy another automobile which is stress I do not need with the heart condition I have now.

8.My main stress relief was playing tennis and guitar which has been taken away from me since the accident and I am not sure if I will have full recovery because of my age being 59. and this is important to me and my health.

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