I suffered a minor concussion after I was rear ended I would like to know how much my claim is worth?

by angelica orozco
(LA CA 90033)

I was driving on the 2 San Fernando freeway which is a pretty busy freeway. Driving my fathers 2 seat pick up truck. I was on the far right lane driving about 60 mph when I came to a complete stop because of traffic, when a car hit me from behind. He hit the right tail of my truck so hard that my truck spun all the way around to the left end lane of the freeway. In result, I crashed into the wall that divides the opposite freeways.

I lost consciousness and when I came to i realized i was now facing on coming traffic. While my car was still on drive I realized it was going on reverse so I quickly put it on park. I experienced a severe pain on the back of my head, I felt it with my hand and right away can feel a bump. I had blurred vision and my neck, back and arm was in throbbing pain. I called the fire dept they immediately came and when they asked me to step out of my vehicle they realized I was to dizzy to walk so I was put on a gurney and taken to the hospital. I had to get a CT scan and was put on observation for several hours.

After the CT scan came back with tissue swelling I was given Motrin and sent home. The police officer at the scene told me that the other driver was driving at least 70 mph and he was probably distracted by something because he didn't even try to break he just attempted to avoid me by steering to the right but failed. The next day I felt like i was hit by a bus. I had bruises on my left arm and was unable to move it for several days.

I experienced dizzy spells and migraines for several weeks. I am a full time student and I couldn't concentrate in school I was lucky I even passed my classes. Till this day I get headaches, dizzy spells and I am traumatized and i freak out when I drive.

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