I have suffered whiplash and rib sublaxation. How much is my claim worth?

by Elkins
(Fort smith, Ar, USA)

I was the passenger in the at fault car in an accident on 10/4/17. The driver ran a 4-way stop sign and hit a man who was turning left. The damages were minor but she was going 40 and had to brake hard, causing me to lunge forward, and when the car hit I lunged back and hit the seat. She was marked at fault for the accident, but was not given a ticket since we don't live in the area and the police officer was nice. I went to the er 2 days later on 10/6 they took x rays and said I strained my back/neck and prescribed a muscle relaxent. A few days later I went to my chiropractor and she too took x rays.

She told me I had whiplash and showed me that my neck had no curve as it was suppose to and that my spine was a little more to the left than it should be. My personal injury claim was filed and was accepted this past Friday. She tried to get me to settle before my treatment is over and only offered 500 pain and suffering. I had 12 appointments with the chiropracter and then was reevaluated and had 4 more sessions. The rib subluxation made it difficult to take my shirts off and brush or wash my hair. I do not work so I did not miss on pay. However i do go to school and I missed a lot of class. I also have 2 small children both under 3 and this injury made it difficult to care for them as well as clean my house and cook.

I have not received a bill yet for either the er or chiropractor so I am not sure how much they are but I am sure they are 4000 or more.

I tried negotiating with the claim adjuster and she says she can't do more than a little over a 1000. What would be considered a fair amount for my case?

I want to be able to settle before Christmas just to have that extra cash for presents for my kids. Please let me know what I can do to help raise my offer?

Thank you.

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