I believe I deserve more than what the insurance adjuster is offering

by Jamie E
(Odenton, MD)

I was rear ended on a major road, I was stopped waiting to make a left turn in front of my house (with my signal on) approximately 4-6 cars went around me as there is not a dedicated left turn lane at this intersection and there have been multiple accidents at this intersection before and after my accident. The speed limit on this stretch of roadway is 40 however most people are doing 50+.

My shoulder was injured from the seatbelt locking up, according the the physical therapist my pelvis was misaligned and I got whiplash and a concussion (I should note that this happened in February and I had been involved in an accident in November where the other driver ran the red light and T-boned me) My car was only 58 days old and I paid almost 9 thousand dollars for it including an extended warranty and got about 5 thousand from the insurance. I have also been diagnosed with PTSD from the accident which has prevented me from doing many things that usually bring me happiness.

I used to enjoy driving and did it to calm my nerves now I cant drive 20 minutes without having some sort of anxiety or panic attack. My medical bills were a little over 6 thousand dollars and the adjuster so far has offered me 8 thousand, however I feel that I deserve more, or at least some kind of on going treatment for the PTSD as this has caused me to also take medications because of it. Thank you in advance!

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