how do I know if a settlement is fair.

by Connie Eisenhower
(Punxsutawney PA)

November of last year I. Slipped on ice outside a department store. Store management called corporate office to complain about icy conditions, but no one ever called the property management company's emergency number. The ice storm left by 1:30 pm. I went to the store at 8:30 pm.

When I fell I broke two bones in my ankle in 4 places, the top of my tibia by the knee and split my fibula length wise. I tore a tendon in my elbow. I have already gone threw two surgeries and looking at two more. One surgery is to fuse my ankle as there is one bone after 8 months have not fussed together and I have developed severe arthritis.

The other surgery is to repair the torn tendon in the elbow.My ankle will never move like before. I have one scar on my ankle and my ankle is deformed now. I will have a scar on my elbow. I have already spent 67,880 in medical and expecting another 42,000. I have had to quit my job, and in this area my field of employment rarely has openings. So I am looking at a decrease in income as most jobs in this area pay very little.

I have had to sell my horses as I can't ride anymore. I will also have to move because the limited range of motion in my ankle no longer lets me walk up or down inclines, I live on a side of a hill with more then a 27% degree. So how do I make sure my settlement offer is fair.

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