How do I calculate loss of income being self-employed?

by Ron
(Auburn WA, USA)

I was the passenger in an auto accident on 1/29/2018 - 100% fault on other driver.

I sustained a moderate/severe wrist sprain along with whiplash and sternum bruising.

My total medical so far has been about $6000 with a 6-month plan for $8000 additional.

I have a letter from my doctor for 1-month recovery to work.

I am self-employed in tree service and own a farm. I did not work full-time in tree service for income. I work 7 days a week building my farm and getting ready for spring planting and subsequent harvesting for income. I will have to hire people to do the work that I cannot at this time in order to be ready for spring planting.

How do I calculate lost income based upon the above?

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