head injurys,badly spraind arm and leg,lots of bruises etc

by april lynn sage
(nanaimo b.c canada)

i think its probly been to long,but almost 20 years ago i was beat almost to death,my head got the worst of it,i was raising my son on my own and employed at n.r.g.h where i missed alot of hours work.the headaches ive been having since then only seem to get worse,bad enough to make me an unreliable employee,and alot of times ending up in the e.r to deal with cluster headache bouts.to add insult to injury, i went thru a car windshield 3 years ago,and findout the driver was uninsured and prohibited from driving. of course now these headaches are so bad and more often,now causing blackouts regularly tried different doctors now and then but never can even get any decent pain meds.

I dont even know how many years its been since i actually got more than an hour sleep at a time from having to go to bed in so much pain and waking up every hour never feeling rested so when trying to get often hrs later, im so tired and still have headache and sometimes takes 8-10 days to get rid of a bad one.

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