Head and knee personal injury from a motorcycle/car accident

by Jake
(Sioux City, IA)

My insurance company hasn't done anything yet to compensate me and haven't even offered a personal injury settlement yet.
My accident injuries haven't gotten any better in 6 months and I haven't been to work since the accident.

I was riding around town on my motorcycle with my friends and we pulled on to a 4 lane road. We all got in the stagger formation with my friend in front and me behind him and to the left.

We were in the right lane and this lady in her car came by us really fast in the left lane. Then she got in our lane in front of us then back into the left lane and then she slowed down an made a sudden right turn across our lane into a BAR parking lot!

She hit my buddy that was in front of me in the side and I didn't have enough time to swerve. My breaks locked up and the bike came over top and threw me off. my head and knee hit the ground hard and i was knocked out.

The bike ended up landing on my head and I had a seizure when I hit the ground. I had to have staples on both sides of my head and stay in ICU overnight. Since then I have had knee surgery to fix my knee (I still have pain and it still clicks), and have seen a neurologist for my constant headaches, dizziness, and problems sleeping.

The only thing my insurance company has done is pay me for my totaled motorcycle for $6,000 and that's what i have been living off of for the past 6 months, hope they will do something soon so i can get this behind me. Anyone know what my settlement can be worth?

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Dec 09, 2010
Personal Injury Settlement Advice
by: Anonymous

Personal injury lawyers are expensive but may be worth the cost. In the end it is your decision. However, regardless of what you decide you should understand the personal injury settlement process of how you will get your money.

That is why I suggest you browse through the sections on personal injury settlements and demand letter.

This way you can arm yourself with knowledge about how the whole settlement process works.
You'll know why you should get this much money, how the insurance companies evaluate your accident claims, which evidence you need etc.

If you then decide to get a personal injury lawyer, you will be more confident and realistic about your injury settlement.

Best of luck

Dec 09, 2010
motorcycle advice
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear but my advice is get a personal injury lawyer. Even though we hesitate to do so , it is usually the best option.

Also try applying for social security benefits online if your going to be off 1 year or so doesn't hurt to try. Inform your family doctor of this also. Keep all medical bills etc. The insurance companies will drag this on so try and keep a step ahead. Merry Christmas and hope it turns out well.

Dec 08, 2010
Calculating Your Persona Injury Settlement Amount
by: mat

Your personal injury settlement amount depends on many factors. Use the personal injury calculator to get a rough idea of what your personal injury settlement is worth.

You should then read about writing a demand letter to better understand which factors go into determining the amount of your settlement. That way you will know which information you need to collect and present to the insurance companies.

Best of luck.

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