Hard Injury After Fender Bender

I was rammed in the back while stopped for almost a minute and suffered a hard injury. It's very important to not take fender bender accidents lightly because the damage could be minor for the car but major for your body. It's very important to go seek treatment to make sure you're okay. If you don't get checked and suffer problems later because of an undetected injury then you'll pay out of pocket. If you don't have money, you'll have to seek government assistance at the tax payers expense when it's the insurance company that should have properly compensated you.

The insurance companies love to talk about fraud because they want us to dislike Chiropractors and think that people that seek treatment after a fender bender are all about money. They want you to care about what people will think and not take your accident seriously.

I've just learned that there are undercover insurance workers posting at forums to give bad advice. They are telling people they should take small settlements and run because there's a lot of fraud going on and it's hard to prove an injury. They want people to be scared of being accused of fraud so they'll settle for insulting low amounts. I was recently banned from a forum and no reason was given. This is proof that there are undercover insurance workers at the forums so make sure you don't take anything you read too seriously if it's telling you to settle because of the difficulties involved. We all know that things are sometimes difficult in life and don't need for them to tell us.

Here's some good news that should help you stay encouraged. An insurance company made a very insulting $2500.00 settlement offer, the case went to court and the verdict was $111,000. Insurance companies don't pay much for soft tissue injuries because they're not permanent and hard to prove, the insurance company thought they'd win this case for sure but they were shocked, the court verdict was for $60,000 so stay encouraged. Sometimes insurance companies have to pay big for their insults and these are great examples.

Please help deliver this message to as many people as possible by using social networking. We need to help educate people of the insurance games,people need to know the truth.

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