First Car Accident Injury in Family and Had No Idea the Shenanigans!

by Linda
(Cincinnati, OH)

Son was rear-ended at a yield sign at the hwy on ramp last Friday. Had to wait until Monday to call the other person's insurance after getting a copy of the police report because she somehow managed to leave the scene without giving it to him and he didn't know he was supposed to get it.

The woman who hit him didn't call it into her insurance and was not returning calls from her insurance company after I called it in to them Monday. In calls with her insurance provider Tuesday, the adjuster kept saying "if we decide to accept liability" in her statements.

The car belongs to me, and the adjuster said I had to wait to take the car in for repair at least a week to give their insured person time to respond. I faxed them the police report which clearly states what happened except the officer failed to mention the yield sign saying simply that my son yielded then was hit.

The adjuster said sometimes the police are wrong since they didn't witness the accident. Then when I mentioned the emergency room bill to the adjuster (son has whiplash), the adjuster said he has to file that through his own insurance because KY is a no fault state so even if the woman who hit him is at fault he has to file medical on his own insurance.

Then, "if they decide to accept liability", the insurance companies will decide if that is reimbursed from her insurance. WHAT??? SHE rear ends HIM and HE has to file a claim on his own insurance? Won't that make his insurance go up? I told the adjuster she has one week then I'm hiring an attorney. We hung up and she called me back within 30 minutes saying "they had decided to accept liability."

Thanks to the adjuster, I'm online trying to find out why I got such a runaround and whether it is true that we don't file the medical bills directly with the company who was telling me we don't file with them. She was mentioning "pain and suffering" and also mentioned that sometimes people stage accidents.

Whatever "sometimes" happens, that doesn't change the fact that their insured party had her head god knows where and hit my son in the rear traveling about 15-20mph in a Cadillac Escalade while he was at a full stop having yielded to oncoming traffic.

It is a straightforward claim, so why don't they just pay up on the car repair and emergency room visit? I bit my tongue in conversation when she mentioned "pain and suffering" but wanted to retort the only "pain and suffering" at this point is dealing with the insurance companies. Do we get reimbursed for that ;-)

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