Elderly woman and grandson suffered injuries in a car accident driving a recalled vehicle...what next?

by Mr. Oliver
(Woodbridge, VA)

Sister was driving on Hwy 287 in Texas. Between Amarillo and Dallas, Texas somewhere near Childress, Texas her four door 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt steering wheel locked and caused the vehicle to veer off the road and over turn. Both occupants (Sister-69 and Grandson-16) and a cat survived the crash and were wearing seatbelts.

The air bags did not deploy and the emergency personnel on site were unable to extract the ignition key from the steering wheel. Sister has severe body internal injuries (back, spine, and permanent colostomy) and spent about a month in the hospital and rehabilitation. Grandson had back and spine injuries and to this day is having pains and unable to participate in his senior High School sports. NOTE: 2010 Cobalt is on the recall list by GM. Investigation was completed by the local police traffic officer and sighted sister for "...failing to drive in single lane..." and completely over looked the vehicle defects noted at the site.

On top of this the police officer's attitude was dispassionate and unpleasant at the accident site with his questioning and demands. The accident was bad and luckily they both survived. The doctor from hospital offered and different opinion to the Insurance Company (driving and fell asleep). Sister denies giving the doctor any information about her driving at the hospital.

Insurance company and the attorney that was hired by her did their investigation and concluded "inconclusive." Even though, the GM and Ins Co. both, acknowledged the crash data (black box) on the vehicle did not registered event at the time of the wreck, thereby, no record of air bags deployment, or evidence the car was on during the wreck.

This statement somehow contradicts where they stated "...evidence the car was on..." establishes the fact the steering wheel locked while she was driving and thereby the car had shut down? Now, the investigation is silent on the visual inspection of the vehicle where if they did they would have seen the air bags did not deploy.

Also, substantiated by my sister. Now, based on this information I provided are there grounds for the inconclusive statement be removed and are there grounds for further investigation and litigation? Thank you!

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