Cheaper is not always better

by Ina

One of my relatives was involved few years ago in a terrible situation. While he was driving his car, another driver hit him from behind, damaging the backside of his car. Because he paid car insurance and he thought he was entitled to get money to repair his car, he filed a claim. To his big surprise, when the insurance company examined both cars involved in the accident, the conclusion was that the damages on each car do not match. And thus, the car insurance company paid no money to my relative.

It is important to mention that the car insurance policy that my relative was paying was a very cheap one. In fact, he chose the car insurance company based on the amount of money required for insurance. This is just another reason why now I am no longer thrilled to have found a very cheap price, no matter what I am looking to buy.

I live in Romania, and later on I have discovered the Millenium RCA website, where I have learned to get all the needed advice from a reliable car insurance broker. If my relative would have had his own insurance broker to work with, he would not have been put in such a situation.

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