Is this a bad faith insurance claim?

by stephanie G (san jose, ca. 95127 USA) I got hit by a car who was stopped for a pedestrian at a shopping center driveway. I was stopped completely on my bike on the sidewalk I waited till he looked in my direction. I then proceeded 2 pedal when i believed we latched eyes next […]

Car Accident with Annoying Driver

by Ktua (Sacramento, CA) I was driving my moms car along with my mom and my grandma in the back seat heading towards funeral home for that my mnl had passed away in fresno. I live in sacramento. I was at red arrow light about to make my left turn. Once that arrow turned into […]

Car Accident Pictures and Stories  Toyota Explorer

by Laura Isabel Martinez (Lovington New Mexico) i was in this car accident 🙁 We were coming home from New Mexico and there were 4 of us. Me, my grandma, Michael, and the driver Ruben. He lost the gravel and lost control of the car. We flipped 5 to 8 times in the air. I […]

Car Accident Pictures and Stories 2000 Dodge Durango

2000 Dodge Durango Car Accident I was heading home when a driver on the opposite side of the highway hydroplaned and hit me head on going 65 mph. I had both my children in the vehicle with me and thank god we walked away from this accident without having to fight for our lives. My […]

Can I offer to pay for part of damages to my vehicle?

(texas, usa) I hit ice on highway, slid into a sign, and caused some damage to my car. Airbags deployed, even though the actual damage was minimal. Cost of all damage may exceed the actual cash value so I would like to offer to pay for part of the work. Is this possible to do? […]

Can a motor vehicle accident claim be worth more because of scoliosis?

by Dee (Killingworth, CT USA) My son has scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and was rear ended back in October. He has been under his doctors care for scoliosis since Feb 2012.He wore a back brace from Feb 2012 until March 2014.In January he will have his 3rd visit to his doctor for the motor […]

2003 Kia Sorrento Car Accident

by Steve (New York) Kia Sorento Car Accident Pictures I was driving home from work when I got in a car accident with a honda accord. I was crossing an intersection with a stop sign when the other driver came and crashed into me. The driver didn’t see the stop sign and was going pretty […]