Car damages no injuries

by Nora Scott-Rojas
(Greenville, SC)

My husband was driving my car uninsured. While he was in the parking lot getting ready to exit the vehicle another car pulled in to park in the parking spot next to him while the driver door was open and hit my door. Her insurance company is now sending me a bill for her damages. On the police report the officer noted that my car was legally parked.

No citations was given because they were on private property. What are my choices in this matter? Do I have a valid reason to sue the other party in court for my damages? Not to mention my husband did a statement with the other party insurance company and I received info stating they will not cover my damages from their adjuster. When I called the claim specialist she stated on a recorded line that she haven't heard my husband's statement. What can I do? On each and every document I've received also has my entire name incorrect which shows lack of professionalism.

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