Car Accident with Annoying Driver

by Ktua
(Sacramento, CA)

I was driving my moms car along with my mom and my grandma in the back seat heading towards funeral home for that my mnl had passed away in fresno. I live in sacramento. I was at red arrow light about to make my left turn.

Once that arrow turned into a green arrow I made my left turn. A car from the opposite direction was about to make a right turn towards the same way I was going but instead he didn't stop. We three saw that he was going to hit us so my mom says hurry he's going to hit us and he did. He came straight and hit both the doors on the passengers side...which was where my mom and grandma was sitting I got so mad and was worried he might try to take off.

So I parked the car right there and I walked out to block him from getting away... I asked to exchange insurance he refused to. He wanted the police so I called and the police came. He then steps out of the car and says to me oh man i'll pay you money. Why did you call? I said you wanted me to didnt you? and plus you're making it hard.

So the cops come and makes him give me his information but he claims he can't find his car insurance. The guys car is from idaho...but we did get his license plate down and his id. I guess thats bout it an address in fresno but car ain't even from california.

So we reported it to the insurnace my mothers insurance...that guy did admit he hit us...long story but yeah...he was old but still ain't my car...and he such a butt head trying to say oh i'll give you money...that isn''t enough to fix my moms car...

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