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2000 Dodge Durango

 2000 Dodge Durango Car Accident

2000 Dodge Durango Car Accident

I was heading home when a driver on the opposite side of the highway hydroplaned and hit me head on going 65 mph. I had both my children in the vehicle with me and thank god we walked away from this accident without having to fight for our lives.

My 3.5 year old son had some excess fluid in his belly and my 18 month old daughter had some bruising on her shoulders from the 5 point harness. My injuries were a little worse, my knees hit the dash and were internally bruised, I had a huge bruise across my abdomen that was about a foot long and two inches wide, the air bag hit me so hard in the chest that my chest was internally bruised and i had, and still have, a concussion. Mentally I am a mess from this and so is my son.

By using the pain and suffering calculator on this site it has given me a great idea of what I am entitled too. I would have never thought to write a demand letter or even what I should be asking for. I am currently negotiating with the insurance company right now on my claim and after reviewing everything on this site, I feel confident on what I am doing and not going into this blind folded.

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