Car Accident Injury to Cervical Spine, C3 and C4 disk removed and fused

by robert s.
(pittsburgh pa)

On November 10th,2010, while stopped at a red light, my car was rear ended. From that point on I was unable to look all the way up without pain going down my back and severe headaches.

I also had trouble sleeping. I continued to work as a police officer. But these injuries affected my job performance from November 2010 until January 2012.

I went to physical theropy or the chiropractor 3 days aweek with little to no relief.

I also had 3 pain injections with no relief. On January 3rd,2012 I had surgery to remove by bulged disc between my c3 and c4 and had a fusion done.

This seems to have helped me. I am back to work and have very little pain. I have a scar on the front of my neck that is about 2 inches long and some numb feeling in the area.

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