Car Accident Claim Frustrations
Changed Insurance Adjuster 5 times.

by Donna

My car accident occurred in Sept. 09. I have not settled as of yet, but so far they have changed claims adjusters on me 5 times. When I commented on this, she stated that this in not the norm. It just seems to have happened to my car accident claim.

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Changed Insurance Adjuster 5 times.

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Sep 26, 2012
Abused by Ins Co
by: Sickened by Insurance Folk

OMG... I feel your pain.

My accident was a plain and simple no fault (for me) after being t-boned on my driver side, by a driver that blew threw a red light. Sadly, we both have the same insurance company. I was not represented at all (and I'm the victim). My adjuster would not return my calls or emails, let alone fight for me-- so I had to fight with the opposing team (which consisted of the adjuster, his supervisor, and another manager. I did both adjusters jobs, went against police suggestions, and got surveillance video that shows my accident, but the opposing adjuster and his super didn't think so. (Of course not)

I finally brought in Corporate after I learned that the person that was going to be making the decision on my claim was none other than the opposing side's adjuster that had been fighting against me this whole time. I yelled to everyone I was in contact with that I had a "right to a fair trial," and in no way shape or form was this a fair trial. Long story short, I won the claim! Yay!

Now we are talking settlements... and guess who they tell me to forward all my reimbursements and settlement requests to... yup... the same opposing team I've been fighting with all along. I'll let you know the outcome... if we ever get there

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