Can we set a cost for time spent on appointments if we were not working at the time?

by Bruce Duncan
(Citrus Heights, CA, USA)

I have one specific question at this point: Neither my wife and I were working at the time of our accident. Does this mean we can't set a value for the time we spent attending medical appointments?

Answer by Guy Parrinello

Hello Bruce. I’m not licensed in California, but I can say that in New York State, whether or not you are employed, there is no value set for attending medical appointments.

Under New York’s no-fault law, you would be able to recover lost wages for time spent out of work for doctor’s appointments directly related to the accident. The rate is 80% of your total lost wages up to a monthly cap.

If, for example, you miss a day of work to attend a doctor’s appointment related to an accident, and you make $100.00 per day, you would be entitled to recover $80.00 in no-fault lost wages for missing work that day.

There may be a California law that is equivalent to New York’s no-fault law, but unfortunately I am not able to speak to that. Perhaps a call to a local accident attorney would help. They usually provide a free consultation and are eager to help. Good luck.

Disclaimer: The author of this posting is a lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of New York. This posting is intended as general information only, is not provided as legal advice in connection with any specific case, and should not be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.

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