Can I offer to pay for part of damages to my vehicle?

(texas, usa)

I hit ice on highway, slid into a sign, and caused some damage to my car. Airbags deployed, even though the actual damage was minimal. Cost of all damage may exceed the actual cash value so I would like to offer to pay for part of the work. Is this possible to do?

The amount of damage and actual value of my car is very close so I am fearing a total loss. I love my car and the damage does not affect the drivability in any way, but my previous experience with insurance has been that they will total your car at the drop of a hat.

No injuries at all, just damage from airbags and some cosmetic stuff on passenger doors. Please help.

Answer by Guy Parrinello

Since I am licensed to practice in New York, the only thing I could say is that your insurance company may or may not decide, if it “totals” your car, whether or not it wants to take the car in return for paying you the insured value of your car. In the event the insurance company indicates it wants to declare your car a total loss, you can negotiate with them on the phone and see if you can work it out so that you get what you want. Good luck.

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