bad motorcycle accident, wasnt my fault other driver was charged

by scott

i had a truck turn infront of me when i was driving down the road, i didnt even have time to get out of the way, the police said i tried to avoid it but couldnt, i had several injuryies from it , broken neck, broken jaw in 2 places have plates in the front of my jaw now, 5 broken ribs a couple came through my chest ,punctured lung, my right knee was split open al the way around from the outside to the inside of my leg ripped and torn tendons with my knee, total dislocation of my talus bone and now is 50 percent dead, 4 broken toes and meditorsil bones. cant feel the left side of my face ,traumatic brain injury, been taking pain meds everyday since plus now am on morphine even twice a day also, my left side of my leg is also numb my lower back is messed up, i was off work for 2 days short of 8 months ,and can only work half days because i cant walk very well at all i have to wear a leg brace everyday and cant walk without it or my shoes?

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