4 herniated discs in my neck, and fractured left Tibia

by Sue D
(Klamath Falls, OR. USA)

Saint Patrick's day 2011: I was traveling among slow moving traffic due to an earlier accident, traffic stopped again and the Semi Truck behind me didn't. I was stuck from behind @ 35 miles per hour, the truck weighed at the truck scales 2 hour before the accident @ 75,000 pounds.

My Jeep only weighed 3,600 pounds, that's only 200 times more then me. He pushed me into the Ford f-150 in front of me, pushed us both approximately 160-170 feet before coming to rest. He received a citation for careless driving, he was texting on his cell phone and said he didn't see me. I will now need multiple surgeries to my neck and knee, his insurance company is trying to give me what equates to medical costs only.

Their reasoning is because I was not working at the time of the crash, I have been told by both of my doctors that I will never be able to go back to my regular field as an Auto Technician with or without the surgeries. I suffered many other injuries that day, most which have healed. The one thing that will never heal is the emotional trauma, the endless nightmares, and the economic drain this has put on me.

What about the pain and suffering? What about the fact I will never turn another wrench in my 30 year long career? The only 2 words I can come up with about Insurance Companies is: Ruthless and Heartless!

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