2004 Mercury Sable Car Accident Injury

by Sharon

I was driving down the four lane when I saw two vehicles coming down a side road. This road was three lanes. One lane to merge into the lane I was in, one lane to enter the road, and the third lane was to turn left and go up the four lane I was in.

The car wanting to merge into my lane was waiting for me to get by. The other vehicle was coming down the road, and was not slowing down as it was coming to the stop sign.

I told my sister,in the car with me, I don’t think that guy is going to stop. At that point I slammed on the brake and honked the horn.

The next thing I knew the airbag was in my face, I had a terrible pain in my left knee,and my right arm had burns from the airbag from the wrist to just above my elbow.

My left hand had bruises from the airbag from having my hand on the horn when the airbag was deployed. I had whiplash and had bad headaches for months.

My Chiropractor found that my left kneecap was stuck about four months after the wreck. Between my Chiropractor and my family doctor I have spent almost $7000 of my own money for medical bills.

I finished my medical treatment almost four months ago and I have not heard a word from his insurance company about a settlement.

Now I am going to have to get a lawyer and possibly end up losing money because of this guy. He did not have a drivers license and he ran the stop sign and I and going to end up paying for it big time.

My car was totalled and I had to spent $17,000 to get another car and just got $2800 from my wrecked car that was a. 2004 Mercury Sable in excellent condition with just 65,000 miles on it.

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How much is my settlement worth?