2 tears in rotator cuff

by Danny

I was driving to work on a country road and was hit by an 18 wheeler coming out of an oil and gas right of way road. My 96 F350 was flipped onto its passenger side and skidded about 75 feet down the side of the road. The lady in the car behind me had to help me climb out (after I figured out how to move my body to undo the seat belt. I have missed 3 days of work so far and have over $6,000.00 in medical bills to date. I still have to see the surgeon and have surgery to repair the tears.

My truck was totaled and I have heard nothing from the insurance company of the 18 wheeler about any rental, replacement or settlement. They totaled the truck out about a month ago. What all can I ask for in the settlement for the medical? I know lost wages and medical but what for pain and suffering? I will be missing 6-8 weeks of work for the recovery.


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